Human Rights Desk:

A Human Rights Desk ’ is established by the Bar Association to looking after the matter relating to Human Rights in the state of J&K .The Bar Association has decided to focus attention on monitoring the situation of Human Rights violations on priority basis so that Bar Association is able to prepare a proper response and action plan. For this purpose it was decided to constitute and maintain a separate ‘ Human Rights Desk’ in the Bar Association.

The members of the committee started to work on the desk from January 1990 . The HR Desk performs the work of monitoring the reports of violations of Human Rights in the state on daily basis. Besides, documentation of reported cases of violations and maintaining a data base in a computer on daily basis and preparing monthly/ bi monthly /weekly report and disseminating the same through media , internet and other means. The Executive committee has also desired the Human Rights Committee and ‘Publicity Committee’ to work in coordination, so that they are able to complement each other in their work. The HR Desk also monitors the progress of cases relating to HR and Civil Liberties in the h High Court and various other courts in and outside the State. A special attention is paid to the plight of political detenues, undertrials and victims of abuse of power at the hands of security forces  and every possible effort is made to ascertain facts and provide legal help and attention to these classes of victims and sufferers. Information is gathered from different available sources including filing application under RTI regarding fate of inquiries ordered from time and the progress of on going cases in various police stations , administrative offices, tribunals , commissions and courts. The members of the Bar are  focusing their attention both cases of HR Violations and denial of civil liberties and work in coordination to achieve better results . An effort is made to keep liaison with HR activists, Rights Organizations and NGO’s and their intervention is sought wherever necessary.